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14 Aug 2023
19 Aug 2023
Meet the artist and view works in progress

Saturday 19th August 11 - 4


Untethering ...

For the past few years, Feinson has been working on ‘Untethering’, a project comprising wall and floor based drawings, paintings, performance and moving image. During her residency, she will be exploring bringing these elements together for the first time within the gallery environment and also making new work.

At its instigation the project was deeply personal, to try and capture fragments of memories from her past through drawing, however, over time the small autobiographical drawings became life-sized figures she calls ‘embodiments’.  Once separated from their paper supports and stood upright, she was surprised that they appeared to speak their own narratives. In order for the embodiments to be untethered from her past she invited five members of Three Score Dance, Brighton to choose an embodiment they felt drawn to and through a series of exchanges to attempt to find a way to communicate with their paper other and hear what they had to say. The final exchanges where then filmed.

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