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16 Mar 2024
23 Mar 2024


The artists met at Woodbridge School where Olly was an A-Level artist and Hutch is Head of Art. Olly is currently midway through his first year studying Fine Art at The Slade, UCL, whilst  Hutch continues to be a practicing artist as well as a full time teacher.  The art programme at school had a major influence on Olly, and symbiotically coaching young artists has had a transformative effect on Hutch. Influence is a two way street. In this show the artists hope to  juxtapose the different phases of their careers by finding common ground within the space of an exhibition.

The transition from living in Suffolk to London presents a major shift for Olly. New locations, peers, ideas and ambitions are explored in his work.  Hutch’s work is similarly going through change. This is chronicled through the selection of work spanning the last 4 years of his career.

It’s natural for artists to pass through phases over both short and longer periods of time. The show celebrates this freedom.

Please join us on Saturday 16th March for the opening of the show from  6-8 pm. Opening hours Sunday 17th March 10-12. and Saturday 23rd March 11-1 and by appointment, call Olly 07850195736

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