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October 30th - November 7th

Leila Al-Yousuf is a London based painter who works predominantly in watercolour. Her work explores touch and texture, love and loneliness, framing emotions by holding still a moment of time. The body of work being exhibited at Asylum spans the period from just before the start of the pandemic until now, documenting the emotional nuances and pulls of love before and during these strange times. Inevitably a shift happened in what she was making and thinking about during the loneliness of lockdowns, painting the affection of touch, looking at comfortable bodies and vulnerable flesh covering blood vessels and beating hearts. Leila studied Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University and Horticulture at Capel Manor College. She has exhibited as part of Your Foot in My Face and other tectonic strategies at Kingsgate Project Space and Mountain of Tongues at Backlit, her work was recently featured in the journal The Happy Hypocrite: Without Reduction published by Bookworks.


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