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November 12th - 21st


‘Another Fine Mess’ : Karen Densham’s new exhibition of ceramics.

Densham’s work is rooted in familiar domestic ephemera, ceramic history and popular idiom. Her playful ceramics are adapted, subverted and deformed from the vast personal collection of china knickknacks that surround her. Initially there seems little to link the random ceramic objects she produces. However, on closer inspection a mess of dysfunctional and unexpected entanglements become visible. Embedded in much of the work, is a seeping of current societal fear and anxiety. Poverty, the environment and sexual politics are fused with subtle humour via a careful balance of clunky handling lumpiness and finesse.

Karen Densham studied ceramics at the Royal College of Art and The Polytechnic Wolverhampton. She has featured in solo and group exhibitions including the V&A, The Serpentine Gallery, Richard Saltoun Gallery, ICA, Jugg Art Foundation, and the Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art (Japan).


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